Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been tagged by Stuart Brown from the OU to take part in this meme – usually I don’t bother but Backpass is becoming a bit more personal as I blog more at Jiva and this is a nice way to continue that and plus I actually have something to write.  Most people who know me will of heard most of these stories before it has to be said!

  1. Until recently I had a collection of American comic books that numbered in the 1000s (at its peak it was about 11000 comics) but I sold most of it on eBay more for space than money (though I made a little of that as well).  I still have several hundred graphic novels and a decent collection of comics I was too attached to to get rid of.
  2. As a child I suffered with Nephrotic Syndrome, a kidney disorder that was later made semi famous by Jonah Lomu.  I got over it by taking a pretty brutal drug called Cyclophosamide which made my hair fall out (not a great thing to happen when you are 12 and attending one of Bristols toughest schools!)
  3. I failed 5 driving tests and still can’t drive to this day.  On one of the tests I drove into the back of a John Lewis delivery truck!
  4. I am a massive old school hip hop fan and can bore for England on the history of grafitti in the UK.  That said I’m not a great fan of Banksy despite his Bristolian roots and believe Inkie to be Bristols greatest ever spraycan artist.
  5. I played Sunday morning football for years but was pretty injury prone – at the last count I had broken my leg, my wrist, several fingers, torn my ankle ligaments and my hamstring, cracked and bruised my ribs a couple of times and got several black eyes.
  6. My ambition is to someday give up all this social web malarky and open a bookshop on Gloucester Road in Bristol that just sells crime books (Stray Bullet Books)
  7. While working for Tesco in my post university drop out period I convinced several people I was related to the Matthew Jukes who is a famous wine writer and based on this was put in charge of the Beers, Wines and Spirits section!

Apparently I am now supposed to tag seven people myself – so Stef, Jamie, Al and Sara, Robert, Grace and Mike you are it..