Another D’oh Moment

4 ICED RING DOH NUTS by Leo Reynolds, on Flickr
4 ICED RING D'OH NUTS by Leo Reynolds, on Flickr
So after only a little under 3 months at Becta I have resigned and rather luckily found myself in a postion to head straight back to JISC. Alot of issues led to this decision and I won’t go into them in any depth but suffice to say I wasn’t comfortable with some aspects of the role in reality as compared to the job description and also never really settled being away from Bristol.

As is so often the case it takes making a mistake for any real lessons to be learned. In this case I am now clear that while I’m happy to travel anywhere for work Bristol is my only home and that I need to be closer to the action as far as work is concerned.

I am taking a very different role this time in JISC and am really looking forward to it. In many ways I never really left JISC; it is the core of my professional network and I have tried to keep up with its activities over the last 2 years (almost to the day!) since I left for my secondment at HEFCE.

Hopefully exciting times lay ahead and I look forward to sharing some of them here..

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  1. To be fairly honest, reading your blog and everything you wrote about events sounds like a much better fit.

    I am a resigner as well so well done!


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