[JISC] Weeknote 16/33

Really short update this week. It has been a horribly disjointed week starting with a bank holiday and ending with me feeling pretty unwell and in-between some of the worst train journeys I have experienced.

The big thing this week was a steering group meeting in York for one of our biggest national scale projects /slash/ services. It was a long and challenging meeting with a great deal on the agenda and left me with much to think about and even more to do. Everything we do these days have this extra weight as we are all trying to second guess what fallout there is going to be from the promised further cuts from BIS – it certainly focuses the attention.

I also managed to get my planned synthesis work written down in one place with some descriptions and costings. It looks like an awful lot of work written down like that – which is good in some ways as it has felt very ‘bitty’ til now. As a part of this also managed to sort some budget stuff out which was a win as a lack of clarity around that has been playing on my mind a little.

The Survive or Thrive event is finally happening next week. I’m looking forward to it but god its been hard going to get to this point! I think it will be well worth the effort though.

That will pretty much wipe out 2.5 days next week and I’m also giving a talk on project management for researchers at City of Bristol College next Friday as well as several more scheduled conversations about the OER II call so actual time to do any actual ‘work’ is going to be at a premium.