[JISC] Weeknote 19/33

The times they are a changing. Another week scattered with bad news from the powers that be (more cuts to higher ed and a very unclear ban on the hiring of consultants..) I also had a strange meeting Monday where (for the time being at least) I seem to have been stripped of pretty much my entire portfolio of activity. This wasn’t altogether unexpected as the person I was brought in to cover is back very soon but nonetheless it felt uncomfortable. I have been given one significant project to undertake in my final 3 and a bit months – hopefully we’ll get some clarity of what can and can’t be done otherwise I’m going to be a bit bored. Potentially things could change pretty quickly though.

I traveled up to Glasgow Monday evening for the Cetis OER Gathering meeting on Tuesday. This was interesting stuff and I had some useful conversations but I do worry it is always the same few people looking at the technical issues around OERs and they have their own particular axes to grind and there isn’t the diversity of ideas to really move things on. There are some serious technical issues around OERs still (tracking, more granular ways to aggregate and discover) and we need to consider these problems in the context of the wider ‘open’ web and with a user focus. Still it is early days and things are starting to come together and building relationships with people like Creative Commons and P2PU is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday and Thursday I was off on leave – England were playing Wednesday and traditionally that would have led to a hangover Thursday – however I’m back on the wagon so I instead ended up spending Thursday working on a personal project. Increasingly looks like I am getting into the events business in my spare time!

Friday I headed into London to confirm the venue for FUKOER10 (£50 for a pub function room in central London for 50 people including screen and projector – BARGAIN!) and work in the London office for the first time in a while. It is always useful as most of my team is based there and I feel a bit out on a limb sometimes and it was good to be involved in the conversations around the meetings and calls for a change.

Right got a presentation to write for Monday morning so better get on that.

Next week I am on leave though I might have some news so there might be a short weeknote. I’m also attending bOpen and the Clay Shirky talk in Bristol so I’ll probably write about that.

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  1. FUKOER is the BEST. ACRONYM. EVER. I may set up a cafepress or at very least have some stickers made.

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