5 things I’m thinking right now

So lots of people who I read have been doing this – started by Alice Taylor at her Wonderland blogback in July but taken on by lots of people.

I’m not sure I really got the right tone and god knows I wrote too much but here is my version anyway.

1. Events – running them, building web apps for them, attending them. It increasingly seems it is my fate to end up obsessed with the intersection of technology and events. I am attempting to get over this by getting it out of my system as I dump all my ideas from the last couple of years into stories in Pivotal Tracker and watch as Stef turns them into actual useful, nicely designed functions for a web app. I am pretty excited by our ideas for Eventsteams – it is unlikely to make anyone rich but I do think there is a market for what we are building and at the very least it should be self-sustaining. I am also starting to get deep into planning for Bettr and also toying with the idea of an event about events in Bristol. Something to showcase some of the innovative event/meeting formats that are on the edge of the mainstream as well as the new technologies out there to support events.

On the topic of events technology I was interested to read about Futurelab launching Event Eye which sounds a great deal like my original plans for Eventstreams – can’t wait to check it out as it is an area that noone has quite cracked yet.

2. ePub and Digital Publishing – I think this one is just going to run and run. The more I read about the possibilities in this area the more interested I get. I think the rise of the tablet is going to really push innovation in this area and I also think (for the public sector at least) a need to move beyond a print focused dissemination model is going to ensure demand. I am convinced that platform specific apps (i.e. iPad magazines) is the wrong direction and so will continue to look for solutions in the open standards and particularly around ePub and HTML5/CSS.

3. Getting my Kindle3 and iPad – I could pretend this was because of needing them for research or something but really I just want to play with them 🙂

4. Job hunting – is such a slog and it all seems so old fashioned. About 50% of the jobs I have applied for have had application forms that were badly formated Word documents that barely held it together when opened in Pages or OpenOffice (I don’t have ANY M$ software at home). Why can’t they just ask for CVs in a particular format! It would take 5 minutes to reorder my generic CV and I wouldn’t have to spend half my time tidying up the random format errors. Also beyond the application some of them have interview processes that seem more suitable to MI5 recruitment than to hiring a Web Manager. Multiple interviews, assessment days, psychometric testing – it all seems a little excessive. Pretty much my whole career (well life actually) is openly online – Google me and ask around a little bit for better or worse you’ll get a better picture of my capabilities. As you can probably tell it is starting to grind me down a bit! There has to be a better way but it has to be embraced by the actual recruiters (I mean what is the point of my LinkedIn profile if noone looks at it!)

5. Open Web and Open Education – I remain fascinated with what Drumbeat is trying to achieve and the UKOER10 event and particularly Brians’ talk is still rattling around in my brain. I’m hoping that when/if I get my next job sorted out I will be able to have a bit more head space to try and contribute where I can to Drumbeat and hope to learn alot more at the Festival in November. I’ll be watching the second round of UKOER projects from afar with interest as well – it is the aspect of my JISC job I’ll miss the most.


  1. 1 – If Matt isn’t plucked for a job soon then (i) I have no hope if I were to go belly up (ii) who the heck is NOT recruiting real talent (iii) is this any real point if ‘ii’ applies

    2 – Maybe we really should move to Taiwan

    3 – Adaptable apps/services/content is the way forward as Matt suggests

    4 – Matt really should get ipad insurance (cough cough look at his iphone)

    5 – Thanks Matt for giving me the kick in the rear I need… As Gary V says “hustling”

  2. cheers mate…yea insurance for ipad and kindle is going to be a must!

    actually I’m in hustling mode myself all of a sudden – really pushing on with this events idea…enjoying the buzz!

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