[JISC] Weeknote 30/33

Another week off so another short update.

Be Bettr has really come together now – I’ve already got a great bunch of speakers and am actually going to confirm two more next week. It will be a packed day and it is nicely balanced in theory as well. The chance of sponsorship has increased as well which is nice. I have opened registration but haven’t done much of a publicity blitz yet – that is on the cards though.

It was another big week for Eventstreams as well – ending with our latest planning meeting last night in our HQ (the Canteen!) – tomorrow I’ll be inviting the first alpha testers to check out the app – hopefully they’ll be kind! I also quickly built a demo site just to show the sort of basic site the app creates at the moment – a ‘no-prize’ to anyone who knows the author of the comic strip I have used for the conference content 🙂

Yesterday I attended some of the #bccweb meeting to discuss their new web platform. I didn’t stay long as it wasn’t really what I was expecting but I do very much admire the level of transparency they are demonstrating. There was a really interesting idea amongst it all that they seem to only really be skirting around the edges of and that is the concept of breaking the full functionality of the platform into smaller projects and commission them separately for a ‘small pieces, loosely joined’ approach. This is no easy undertaking and some of the support for the idea is a little naive but I do think it is the future of these sorts of projects and we need to work out best practice for achieving it.

I also had an interview this week. I thought it went well and seems like a really interesting job in a nice department with the opportunity to build my own team again but I’m not getting my hopes up – recent history has taught me better.

Back to work next week – few bits and pieces to finish off and one project to concentrate on and that’ll be that. I’m sure the last couple of weeks will fly by.