Internet of Public Service Jobs — survey results

So 112 people filled in my survey of the subscribers to the jobs newsletter. Of those people 68 entered their email to be in the draw for the books I offered as prizes.

There are 731 people currently subscribed (and probably another 100 who regularly check the Medium posts). Not sure if that is a good response or not but it feels OK.

Most respondents came via the newsletter as you’d expect given the numbers and as I’ve always assumed the vast majority are curious about what roles are out there rather than actively job hunting.

I always assumed there would be a lot of Civil Servants on the list but almost 27% from ‘private’ companies was higher than I expected and only 8% from local government is a bit of a fail on my part I think.

A third of people have applied for jobs they first saw on the list — this is amazing. Much (much) higher than I would have thought — makes me wish I hadn’t removed the follow up question about whether anybody had got a job they first discovered via the newsletter!

This was a slightly jokey question (which some people didn’t get — though why should they!) based on how London-centric the list can seem sometimes despite my best efforts. It is about the break down I’d expect given who I know subscribe and the central gov focus often. Still I need to try and aim for a better spread of roles wherever possible I think.

I thought this would be closer to be honest — it is increasingly difficult to find 10 roles to feature each week where the salaries are available in all of them. I find this pretty annoying — especially from public service organisations (yes BBC — that includes you.)

The most popular roles by a long way were product management, delivery management and service design. Content design was low enough that I think I might stop adding them for a while and data science et al was lower than I expected.

The question I forgot to ask was about seniority of roles people were interested in — next time for that one I guess.

Anyway thanks if you filled the survey in — there certainly seems to be enough interest for me to keep things going next year. Though it will have a slightly new name.

I will take a couple of weeks off over Christmas but heres to another 100 editions!

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