Digital Thirst: Platforms

I have been struggling to articulate this one to be honest. Of my original 4Ps it is the most technical in nature and while I knew exactly what I meant I haven’t really been able to find the words. Thankfully the new Government Digital Strategy has done it for me. Action 11 states; Cabinet Office…… Continue reading Digital Thirst: Platforms

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Digesting the Government Digital Strategy

Today the Cabinet Office launched the Government-wide digital strategy that marks another step closer to the Martha Lane Fox vision of a ‘digital by default’ government (from where the name of this blog sprung!). There is *alot* to like in this strategy I think – though it does in places closely coincide with my 4Ps…… Continue reading Digesting the Government Digital Strategy

Weeknotes 2.0

For 33 weeks in a row at JISC I wrote my ‘weeknotes’ – it was about the best run of blogging I have ever managed and also helped me make sense on what was going on at JISC doing a job that didn’t always make sense to me! I’ve decided to dust off the idea…… Continue reading Weeknotes 2.0