5th July 2015 #jukesiejobs

Only eight jobs made it in to my Evernote list this week – an eclectic mix as well.   Zak is building a really interesting team at the Bristol Museum service – they are trying new things and taking a few risks – well worth a look if you are a usability type: User Researcher […]

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MVPing with #jukesiejobs

You might have noticed over the last few Sundays I have been playing around a little with the hashtag #jukesiejobs over on Twitter and elsewhere. Basically after all my recent experiences trying to recruit for ONS and the constant difficulty we have had in getting on eye-balls on the job ads* I have been wondering […]

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The Internet of Stuff

  Try as I might I can’t muster any enthusiasm for the whole ‘internet of things’ movement. I can acknowledge that there are likely benefits in it somewhere but most of the ‘smart home’ stuff I’ve read about to date sends me straight to snooze mode. On the other hand I find myself increasingly excited […]

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Jukesie’s Law

Arthur C. Clarke famously had three laws. Now Cory Doctorow has come up with his own trinity. So I have decided to put my own stake in the ground. I only have one law at the moment but you have to start somewhere. I am also pretty sure that I have stolen it from somebody […]

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