31 July 2015 #jukesiejobs

Trying a different day for my job list this week (got a birthday party on Sunday and anyway this is supposed to be an experiment!) Another good mix of jobs and locations this week I think. I fair few here in the West, finally something in Yorkshire, a great looking job in Edinburgh and the […]

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A nice mix this week of employers across the ‘Internet of Public Service’ and actually a few outside London for a change. I don’t know much about Pobble but love the idea of their site and I’m always excited to see what Futuregov are up to. The BBC bringing in a user researcher at Creative […]

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Learning about open leadership

My favourite principle from GDS is the tenth; Make things open – it makes things better  Some might suggest I embraced this concept before GDS were a twinkle in Martha’s eye :) It was something I encouraged at Jisc setting up their blog network and back in the mists of time I remember Joss Winn […]

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