May 2021

Traditionally May is my second favourite month*. Two bank holidays is always a blessing and in years gone by I’ve built amazing holidays around those days off. Timehop has been actively reminding me about those holidays – which is a bit of a mixed blessing truth be told. Last year though I caught Covid in…… Continue reading May 2021

Basecamp bollocks

Honestly I don’t have much to say about it all – in fact I can’t even be bothered to change my holding title for this post! That said I might want to use some of the fall out of this in future ‘working in the open’ posts so here we are. If you missed it…… Continue reading Basecamp bollocks

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Levelling up LEOs

This is less of a blogpost and more of a ‘stub’ to come back to later of some ideas that are swimming around in my head and as such it lacks a certain…coherence! There has been a lot of talk about the Government ‘levelling up’ agenda in recent months and while I am not exactly…… Continue reading Levelling up LEOs