The New Director of Digital Engagement for HMGov

Last night a flurry of tweets brought to my intention the fact that the government is recruiting a new Director of Digital Engagement.  This new post is really quite senior and has a pretty impressive job description to say the least (and a pretty nice potential salary!).  It seems to me that most of the folk driving digital innovation in and around Westminster are quite a few grades beneath this role so there seems a good chance someone might have to make a pretty big step up to do this role justice or someone from a high profile commercial web company, or someone from the BBC, might, I suppose, come in from outside.  Anyway I think its a really positive step – one of many recently – what with the buzz around the Barcamp, the Power of Information report, the creation of WritetoReply and all the stuff that is coming out of Stephs team at DIUS – interesting times.

Mentioning Steph – he has (as always) been quick off the mark and inspired by the ObamaCTO UserVoice installation he has created one for the Digital Engagement role – crowdsourcing priorities for the new Director.  Its already an interesting list and I think some of the issues raised are really important so I hope it finds some way into some kind of official context.

I’d be interested to know who people think the main candidates are for the role – maybe we could set up some social web sweepstake type of thing 🙂