Quick! To the Matt Phone..

I just had a strange but quite amusing realisation today was the first time I had used the landline telephone in my flat in more than three years! I couldn’t even find the phone to start with and had to follow the phone line from the wall socket to track it down. I only maintain the line as it is part of my broadband package and now costs so little it seems pointless to dispense with but if it hadn’t been for the fact that the snow has meant I am working from home and also appears to be dampening my mobile signal making teleconferences on my Crackberry a chore I would never have bothered and lets been honest it might be another three years before I try again.

As anyone who knows me will testify to I hate voicecalls anyway and would prefer to always communicate either face-to-face or online but even when I do need to speak to someone I never think beyond my mobile or Skype. In fact I have been known to call people on my mobile while sitting at my desk at work next to my phone! I wonder if this is just ‘par for the course’ these days? Mobile phones have become ubiquitous and certainly in my little corner of the digital world more contact seems to get done via mobile or VOIP than anything else. Are landlines becoming like fax machines – a bit of a punchline to a bit of a Luddite joke?