BERG, Popular Science+ and the coming of the iPad

A few months ago BERG released a video that displayed their vision of how a magazine might work on the then mythical Apple Tablet. Called Mag+ it was very much a ‘concept’ video and I guess I wasn’t alone in thinking it had as much chance as being a reality as some of those concept cars they feature on Top Gear. At the time I wasn’t even convinced that the Apple Tablet would ever happen, and things like the Microsoft Courier concept video further muddied the water.

Then Apple announced the iPad and I started following the BERG blog where codenamed projects were discussed and hints dropped. Today I check Google Reader and lo and behold they have announced the first implementation of their Mag+ software with an edition of Popular Science which is available immediately for the iPad (which I think is on sale in the US tomorrow.)

I have embedded the launch video below – would have been more helpful to actually see it on an iPad rather than what I guess is an emulator but it looks like they have translated quite a bit from their original vision into reality – and done so while creating a system and workflow still powered by tools like inDesign.

I think it is very interesting stuff and as I was already convinced about getting an iPad when they are released in the UK (mainly to explore the possibilities for digital comics etc) this is something I’ll look forward to trying. Maybe the only time I ever read Popular Science though!