WikiMedia UK recruiting a Chief Exec

Seems like it is all go at WMUK these days. Since the Annual Conference back in April not only do they seem to have ramped up the outreach events but now they are recruiting for a Chief Exec for the organisation (and are applying to be a ‘proper’ charity.)

This is all exciting stuff – and I’ll be honest if I had a couple of years more experience I’d probably throw my hat in the ring. Even then it would be a long shot but I think for anyone with a passion for the ‘open web’ and ‘open content’ this is a dream position. There are *very* few internet ‘brands’ with the name recognition of Wikipedia and despite the occasional controversy it has the power to open doors (as has been proven with the relationships already built with people like the British Museum and Cancer Research UK). It seems to me the tide is starting to turn and people are starting to see Wikipedia as an opportunity rather than a threat (starting mind you – there is a long way to go!) and this role would be at the very forefront of taking that agenda forward.

I do think getting the right person is going to be key. I think someone who can speak the language of the decision makers at the institutions targeted for partnerships and is good with the media might be more important than someone who is an active editor or admin! That said I do believe that they would need a *real* understanding of the way Wikipedia actually works and a true passion for ‘open’.

Thanks to my time at JISC and my interest in Mozilla Drumbeat I’ve been lucky enough to meet a great many impressive advocates for ‘open’ so I have no doubt the right person is out there.

The job ad is here

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