Open Web Weekly…(week 1)

This is a short round-up of some Mozilla news from the last week I put together for a different project but thought I’d publish here as well..

Extending our Reach: Many Layers of User Sovereignty

Chief Lizard Wrangler Mitchell Baker outlines a vision for Mozilla beyond Firefox and Gecko where Mozilla develops additional offerings to help defend ‘user sovereignty’ no matter what platform the user chooses to use.

“We chose to take our values to where people live.”

Hack this Game

Matt Thompson from Mozilla Drumbeat wants somebody to build a ‘hack maze‘ turning the web into one giant gaming platform based on the Hackasaurus X-Ray Goggles and inspired by Portal!

The Hackasaurus team is going to organise an ongoing ‘Hack This Game’ challenge and there are plenty of ways to get involved – check them out!

Firefox 6 documentation is done!

The rapid pace of development of Firefox continues with the release of the developer documentation for Firefox 6. Eric Shepherd shares a couple of his particular highlights from FF6 including his work with WebSockets and Touch events for Firefox mobile.

Results from the Test Pilot ‘New Tab’ study

The User Research team have published a really interesting study about how and why users use ‘new tabs’ in Firefox. The data was collected using the Test Pilot add-on and there were 256,282 submissions!

The differences between ‘mouse users’ and ‘keyboard users’ is particularly enlightening.

Keyboard users vs mouse users

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