First Four Follow Fridays #ff

Follow Friday has been around on Twitter since the early days but I have never really bothered – in fact I can’t remember ever taking part (but there is every chance I did once or twice in the early days I guess.)

That said I have been realising again recently how much I lean on my Twitter ‘community’ professionally and I thought I would write a post pointing to a few people but taking some time to explain why (and I might do this monthly…maybe).

I’ll start with some obvious, local ones who probably anyone reading this blog will follow anyway!

@stefangoodchild – Stef is a pain in the A$$. A bit of a digital renaissance man he is a former DJ, producer and musician making electronica ( He has also worked for Peter Gabriel and Pulp creating visuals for concerts, designs and build websites and apps and occasionally cycles to Paris. Thankfully he makes a piss poor bank robber!

@m1ke_ellis – Mike is another one of these guys with his fingers in too many pies! As well as organising Bathcamp (the only proven way of making me visit that city!), he is also an author, co-director with his lovely wife of Thirty8 Digital, recent escapee from land of the Eduserfs and presenter of the 1000 slides. He can be a bit of a bloody hippy at times though and the least said about his alter-ego the better 🙂

@zakmensah – Zak is marginally less annoying than the other two. A web designing, e-learning developing, biker with a family that is even more mental than mine he is also my guide to modern hip hop as I pretty much stopped looking for anything new after Biggie was shot 🙂 He tends to frequent the slightly poncier end of Gloucester road pubs than myself though but then again he is a decade younger!

@helloemsy – Emma is the life and soul of the Twitter party. She also seriously knows her stuff when it comes to digital marketing and social media and loves an adventure (my first interaction with her was sponsoring her to jump out of a plane!). She also seems to be successfully working through a large list of phobias and food fears 🙂

That is it for now – there was no science in choosing these four and hopefully this will be a regular thing.

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