Making sense from chaos

Let me put this out there straight away. I am not an organised person. Far from it. Unlike many friends and colleagues I was spared the compulsive list making gene and things like GTD or worrying about ‘inbox zero‘ are about as far from my day to day concerns as it is possible to get.

While I have tended to agree with Cory Doctorow when it comes to dealing with ‘filter failure’ and ‘information overload’ one of the things I have always wished I was better at though is managing to keep a track of my bookmarking online.

I never clicked with Delicious or things like Magnolia really and my use of browser bookmarks has been pretty useless to say the least. I had some success with Google Reader for a while using the ‘sharing’ function but recent ‘improvements’ have pretty much ruined that service for me. Basically I have tended to get by due to a pretty good memory and a capacity to reproduce previously successful searches. It has started to become clear recently though that this isn’t a sustainable solution 🙂

So based on various things I have seen people trying via Twitter I am trying out a couple of things to see how it goes.

The cornerstone of my plan is Pinboard. I paid my six quid and set up an account based on multiple recommendations. One of the big selling points for me was how easy it was to sync my Twitter favourites which contained links with the service. I have found myself doing this more and more lately – especially as I have started using Twitter on my phone alot again.

I have also used IFTTT to suck my Google +1 feed in from Plus as [for my sins] I find myself using that more and more – especially with what is left of my Google Reader account [which maybe I should move elsewhere but broken as Reader is these days I still haven’t found anything else that suits me.]

I have also synced my Gimmebar account – which is an amazing tool for grabbing screenshots/images from the web and one that I am just starting to use properly – to Pinboard.

So between all of that and a Chrome extension taking pride of place next to Ghostery I think I am pretty well set up – hopefully this time it will stick a little better than in the past 🙂

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