Three of a kind

Three things I came across this week and found interesting enough to share 🙂

Guess – there are services like BuiltWith and extensions like Chrome Sniffer that will tell you the frameworks, libraries etc that make up a website but Guess is particularly focused on identifying what, if any, content management system is publishing the site. This has been an interesting tool for me (a) because I am infinitely nosey and (b) because its a useful way of double checking when CMSs claim to provide websites for clients (often they might have done a microsite or something but the copy is left vague enough to suggest they supplied the CMS to the main site.) It isn’t always 100% accurate but it seems pretty reliable and has a pretty extensive list of CMSs it is checking against

Content Strategy Can Deliver Better Government Websites – I am slowly coming around to the idea of content strategy (even though I still dislike the term) and am even attending a meetup to discuss it in a few days time. This is an interesting article with the Europa web team looking at how and why a content strategy would work for government type websites. Much of the stuff out there about content strategy focuses on how content can improve sales and conversions and it is always nice to get a take on the topic that is a bit more up my street.

Product Management for the Web – I’ve written about product management a couple of times on this blog and particularly how I thought it should be important for public sector web work. GDS have rather proved that point these days with product management becoming central to their activities. This is a really nice overview of the kind of things that make up a successful product manager and focuses on why it is important and where it is different from other, maybe better understood, roles. I’d still love the opportunity to give product management a try someday in a team that really understands it.

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