Commuting kit

Because nobody demanded it here is a pic of my current day to day commuting kit. Its no wonder I have neck and shoulder pain!

Not shown is the 6lb, 5 year old Dell laptop I tote around on a not quite daily basis (it requires me to be psyched up – for non work events my 2lb Air lightens the load considerably!)

As any regular user of First Great Western can attest to you need to ‘be prepared’ for any journey with them – no matter how short that journey is in theory.

The kit consists of an iPad 3* – which mainly gets used for Evernote, iA Writer, the Kindle app and Penultimate. My Wacom Bamboo stylus/pen (it costs far too much for what it is but it is a nice weight and makes using Penultimate a dream which itself has revolutionised my note taking in meetings.) The Logitech bluetooth keyboard comes with a stand/case for the iPad – the keyboard is great but the stand is a bit clumsy – I think I should have got one of the keyboards that doubles as a case for the iPad but I couldn’t find one in my price range at the moment.

I’m a bit old school and still prefer to have my music on a separate device and recently upgraded to this new-ish iPod Nano 16gb – its mainly just full of hip hop ‘mix tapes’ and I refresh the content every month or so.

The slightly ridiculous hipster headphones are Phillips CitiScape – they are basically half the price of ‘Beats by Dre’ and do almost as good a job drowning out the other passengers on public transport!

The Anker Astro I mentioned recently. Still a huge fan – in the pub on Thursday evening it was hard at work charging two mobiles 🙂

There are usually a couple of Field Notebooks stuffed into a pocket somewhere as well as a couple of adaptors for Macs and projectors – amazing how often someone needs one of those!

The bag itself is new. I have finally given up on the messenger/shoulder bag as my neck and shoulder really is suffering. On the recommendation of Sharon O’Dea I ventured in to the hipster homeland (Urban Outfitters) and got myself a ‘Herschel Pop Quiz’ backpack that while trendy is also very sturdy and comfortable.

Tomorrow is the first real test fully loaded in this bag so fingers crossed!

* the iPad is a work device – I feel a little like I am cheating on my Nexus7 but at least my 4 is always close at hand 😀

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