Monkey first

This is a real ramble and I’m not sure it makes sense even by my standards but better out than in (my head) I was reading the article about Google X and their ‘moonshots’ in the latest Wired and when I wasn’t rolling my eyes at ‘Astro’ Teller and his roller blades and generally being…… Continue reading Monkey first

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February 2020

2020 is shaping up OK so far it has to be said. February was another good month. I’m feeling mentally sharper than I have in an age. I’m working on stuff I’m interested in, with clients I like and we are busy with more work on the horizon (which does wonders for mitigating my anxiety).…… Continue reading February 2020

Bristol burr

I was reading this article on the Bristol Post website this morning with interest. The reporter – Tristan Cork – has been tweeting quite a bit recently about the ‘prejudice’ against the Bristolian accent and this article feels like the culmination of that. As most of you reading this will know I have a broad…… Continue reading Bristol burr

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My WordPress blog turned 12 this week (that is this blog). WordPress said it was yesterday but I actually think it was the 17th. I’d been blogging before at Typepad, Blogpost and Jisc Involve (which was my project) but despite cheating on her with Medium the last few years on and off this has been…… Continue reading 12

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