Micro March [01]

Warren Ellis in one of my favourite writers – whether it be comics, novels, serials, talks, newsletter or blogposts. In fact his thoughts about the ‘Republic of newsletters’ and the ‘Isle of blogging’ probably have more influence on me than anybody else as far as this stuff goes.

One of the things he does is a daily ‘status’ report. A micro-blogpost of a couple of hundred words max that usually includes a photo in a particular format.

As I have a slightly unusual month coming up (COVID-19 chaos permitting) – and am enjoying playing around with my blogging again – I thought I would give it a go. In fact to make it more interesting I’m going to try and do it from my phone once my travels start on Tuesday.

No idea if I’ll keep it up. Or what it will look like. If you are a subscriber you might want to mute me for a month. Consider yourself forewarned.

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