Micro March (02)

Today was a day of clearing up loose ends and packing for Scotland and Norway. Oh and panicking. I know I shouldn’t be worrying but every now and again the constant drip feed of Coronavirus stories seep into my soul and stress me out. I am not a healthy person. My immune system is below average on its best day and so these sort of things do worry me a bit….but this time it is more about the thought of finding myself needing to isolate myself in Oslo with no support network that is mainly bothering me in a low yield, background radiation with occasional spikes kind of way.

Also trying to pack for 28 days somewhere cold in one backpack has been a logistical challenge in its self.

Still I’m excited about Scotland and Service Design in Government where so many great friends are speaking. Plus I’m going to a gig (super rare) thanks to Laura and I’m seeing my BFF in Glasgow on Friday.

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