Micro March (03)

Ended up at Bristol Airport waayyyy too early due to my almost total distrust in Bristol’s public transport infrastructure – as you’d expect today it was like a well oiled machine. Place was the quietest I’ve ever seen it. Truly. The lack of flights to Italy combined with a lot of work travel being cancelled gave it a weird vibe.

Still I read 2/3s of Lou’s book – review by weekend but it’s a big 👍 from me. Also bumped into Mike and his colleagues from Mace and Menter and Andy from ‘We are Lean and Agile’ (plus overheard at least two other conversations about heading here!

Off to see the ‘Hot 8 Brass Band’ in a bit thanks to Laura and Paul. Me out on a school night and to a gif no less! Wonders never cease.

Still pretty stressed about the Coronavirus stuff if I’m honest. Oslo looks nailed on so I need to get over that.

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