Micro March (4/5)

So that streak didn’t last long did it. Yesterday I failed to publish anything after spending the entire day going to sessions at ‘Service Design in Government’ (unheard of), then having a couple of wines followed by a total panic about the Coronavirus after catching up on the news.

The conference was amazing – the talks nicely built on each other with themes around storytelling and seeking new approaches / challenging the dogma emerging. Carrie’s opener, Dan’s laconic Jackanory style cake adventure, Will’s inspiring talk about bringing his learnings from the ‘digital’ world to the scaling of Local Welcome and Katy’s section about telling your own story better in interviews were particular highlights.

So was the unexpected comedy sized glass of wine from the local pub 🙂

Cassie’s talk was amazing this morning. #socialdreaming and hopeful imagination was a nice way to start the day.

I’m not really doing sessions today and am travelling to Glasgow this afternoon. I’m still stressed about the virus and going to Oslo – not so much about catching it but about logistical things. Being isolated in a (very expensive) city I don’t know. Flights being cancelled. Airlines going bust.

I am going though – too much has been organised already. Like Cassie said ‘Keep Your Word’.

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