Micro March (06)

Spent the day in Glasgow. Was supposed to originally be a day off to go street art spotting but as ever work kind of bled in (though partly because I pushed some stuff until today so I could enjoy Service Design in Government). Did a 1-2-1 which was good. Had a call about a future project which was great (for me at least – I’m not entirely sure it is the best call for the company but honestly I need it..) and I wrote a blogpost about my 2020/21 side project.

Went out this evening for BBQ and wines with my BFF and her hubby (who is a good friend as well!). I get to see her less than I’d like these days but it seriously cheers me up when I do so that was a win – the food was great as well. The Raven. Love it.

Off to Oslo tomorrow. I’m in a wine and friendship happy place at the moment so my worries have subsided. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Speaking of in the morning I wonder what this will read like when I’m not seven drinks in!

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