Micro March (12)


OK it is clear that things are moving at a bit of an uncomfortable pace at the moment. Yesterday I was pretty relaxed about the whole Coronavirus thing – well about the being in Oslo during it element at least. Today I am solidly in the twitchy realm.

This didn’t help –>

Nor did the fact only 5% of staff went in to the client office today (plus me). Looks like even fewer will be there tomorrow and by Monday I’d bet they officially close the office so I’ll be trying to work from this AirBnB.

At the moment it is my intention to fly home Wednesday afternoon/evening – all things being equal. I could leave before then I guess but that would give me time to make some real progress on the project, do the first cut of the analysis with colleagues here and be around for the mid-point playback. Then I’ll be offski. Hopefully.

I have a strong feeling that my summer holiday in Texas to visit the Austin Television Festival will get cancelled pretty imminently as well so that is a bit of a blow.

Anyway. Onwards.

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