Micro March (13)

Friday the forking 13th. I’m not an especially superstitious guy but I have tended to avoid travel or big meetings on this date. Not today though.

Late afternoon yesterday the Norwegian Government made a series of announcements about their upgraded response to Coronavirus. It was pretty comprehensive and immediately wiped out any remaining confidence I had about hanging around in Oslo and seeing this assignment through in person.

This thread sums it up –>

Our partners and client were great about things and nobody questioned my decision to head home. I did offer to hang around to facilitate this mornings workshop via video conference before leaving – which ended up being a mistake as it was cancelled due to guess what…

Honestly last night there was a 90 minute window where my anxiety levels were pretty concerning and like I said on Twitter I am lucky this wasn’t happening in October or November last year as I was barely holding it together by a thread then and this would have broken me. As it happens I’m pretty stressed about the whole thing and want to get home but it is generally not too bad.

Also not for the first time my Twitter community were amazing – so much support, advice and people DMing to check-in. I appreciate you all.

I’m flying out later this afternoon and then I need to get from London to Bristol where I think I am probably going to self-isolate for the seven days. I don’t feel ill but given the way they are talking about things here and the fact there was someone at SDinGov who did test positive means it is probably sensible enough – especially given I live alone anyway and we’ve already shifted to remote working across the board. I mean I’ll be antsy as anything but needs must.

Oh and the footy is postponed until April? That is when you know it is being taken seriously! But the Wales v Scotland game is happening? Crazy.

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