Micro March (16)

I’m not doing great today. I thought I was. I thought the plan I talked about yesterday was working. Then I had a tantrum when I couldn’t get my new wireless extender to work – which is needed because my wifi isn’t good enough where I have my new ‘office’ for video calls (which is all I do now it seems.) Now my tantrums aren’t unusual but tantrums where I smash a piece of technology to pieces is a rarity.

Not great.

The work stuff is okay. It is busy and due to the time difference with Norway a bit early kicking off (tomorrows workshop starts at 07.30!). A couple of the team have been deep into doing something Coronavirus related today – proper ‘move fast’ stuff. It is amazing what they have done so quickly.

I’m trying to get my head around how I do my job if remote becomes the new normal. Honestly I just don’t know but my sense is I’m going to have to work it out. My next role kicks off in a couple of weeks – on the other side of the UK – and I wonder how that will pan out. I need to read up on more remote first approaches for group activities etc.

Hopefully I’ll deal better tomorrow.


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