Micro March (17)

I’m doing better today. Thanks to everyone who got in touch to check-in. Sorry if I worried people.

Part of what spun me out yesterday is that I tick three or four of the risky pre-existing conditions depending on definitions – two are nailed on certainties. I’m also feeling pretty unwell at the moment. I know it is my usual early onset hayfever that lays me low every year and probably a bit of a cold because of all the running around I’ve been doing lately….but we are in the middle of a pandemic and I have a weak immune system…and I am working at home with too much time to dwell on things which leads to me getting worked up.

Whether it was the anxiety or the allergies or something else I had to cancel a bunch of calls today – I just felt too worn out and weak. I just can’t do the fast thinking that facilitating a bunch of video interviews requires at the moment. I’m OK in 1-2-1 calls and emails and Slacks etc are fine as I can work at my own pace.

I had another incident with a new wifi extender – this one wasn’t cheap and it just won’t work. It is clearly me but this time rather than throw it at a wall I just moved my whole little office set up from the conservatory to my bedroom – basically on top of the router! I mean my bedroom is a bomb site so I’ll need to be careful with the camera but it is a strong connection and warmer!

The ‘quick little form’ we did for a client yesterday has expanded somewhat so I need to step in and support one of our Alphas as I somewhat sacrificed their DM to this other project. It is weirdly high profile suddenly so its a good thing to do but I’d have rather had a bit of time to spend on it properly.

When I started this #daynotes plan for March it was supposed to be about my exciting adventure in Norway. Now it is likely to be a record of me (not so) slowly losing the plot as I self-isolate for a couple of weeks at least. So seriously – UNSUBSCRIBE.

I’m already in the random cooking stage of things –>

Everything is OK with chips.

I also bought a packet of Chocolate Hob Nobs today. I mean that is blowing my diabetes diet to Kingdom Come but I decided I needed the treat.

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