Micro March (19)

Things I’m enjoying.

  1. Listening to TV and movie scores in the background of my work day.
  2. Switching to hip hop when I take my little moments away from the desk.
  3. Chatting to colleagues during our ‘virtual tea breaks’.
  4. Going for a mid morning walk around the block (crossing the road to avoid people.)
  5. Having a work laptop and a home laptop (which has had my work Google account and Slack etc removed). It makes for a nice firewall between worlds when there is zero physical change.
  6. Researching my sticker book. I have some really good ideas and will start work on them this weekend. Also some lovely offers of help.
  7. The sense of community on (my) Twitter.
  8. On My Block.
  9. Recommending comics to people (ask me!).
  10. The fact my parents are taking things seriously so I don’t have to worry (well excessively).

You can guess the bad stuff.




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