Micro March (22)

Apparently it is Sunday. I mean days are already blurring into each other. God knows what it’ll be like in a coupe of weeks.

Got my newsletter out. Not sure whether it is a useful distraction for people at the moment or not. Guess we’ll see.

Added this to it just because it made me smile (and dance!)..

I did some yoga (for only the second time ever). 20 minutes of the Yoga for Beginners video from Adriene. Honestly not sure how it went – my lower back has been sore ever since. I’ll try again tomorrow if there is no pain and my plan is to keep it up (though I have a different program in mind once I get going…if I do.)

Big success of the day was getting the virtual backgrounds to work on Zoom (yes small things amuse small minds). In case you are wondering this is my ‘how the fork do I do a screenshot’ face.


This did find me at my ‘workstation’ which did lead me to a couple of hours of work. Nothing to strenuous though.

My uncle has been around working in the garden – was nice to speak to someone in person – albeit more than a couple of metres apart. Him being in the garden had a bonus though as my neighbours chucked over a parcel they’d been holding for me….the four versions of the Heavy Metal street art special I ordered ages ago.

Oh and Past Jukesie came good as I found these hidden from my previous Brexit buying!


Take care everyone.

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