Micro March (23)

OK. So that happened. Given I’ve been following this advice for a week it doesn’t make a massive different but it feels different somehow. Be interested to see how it lands because I suspect most people will still ignore it.

I had a weird day work wise. A lot of things got cancelled – people had more important things to do. Which is fine in the circumstances but it left me at a bit of a loss at times and a bit too much time to think and worry. Thus its been my most anxious day for a bit.

Tomorrow I have my first meeting at 07.30 and last at 18.00 so hopefully that’ll keep me on an even keel. Somehow I am able to focus on the work when I can’t even watch a TV show or movie at the moment without spacing out.

New Childish Gambino album dropped though. It is something special.

Also reading ‘By Force Alone’ by Lavie Tidhar’ when my anxiety allows me to hold a thought long along to read something longer than a tweet. Loving it.

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