Micro March (25)

Hey – apparently at least five people are reading these so hello!

Another day kicking off with a call at 07.30. I do get up at 6ish everyday but still I suspect I am not at my best that early. I’d done three hours of calls by 11am today but things have been more sporadic since then and (a) I managed to go for my daily constitutional (b) had a wander around the garden and (c) did a bit of writing/thinking. So it feels like a decent day.

We are kind of in the process of trying to pivot a pre-COVID-19 project into something suitable for a whole new set of user needs now we are in a COVID-19 world. It is an interesting challenge but it actually makes a lot of sense so I’m hopeful it works out.

Oh and I obviously did something wrong with the yoga as my back still hurts. I am switching back to push ups for a bit and maybe ‘planking’ as I think I might need to have at least *some* core strength before trying yoga more!

The Portal is a hit with my parents which is nice. I do like it as well I’m slightly ashamed to say. It works really nicely and I like have it slowly scroll though my Insta as well. Glad I posted all that art!

I was thinking about taking Friday off as it is my birthday but to be honest I wonder what I’d do. I’m struggling to find shows and movies I haven’t already seen to be honest. It is hard to find watchable but low commitment shows I’m finding (at least that I haven’t seen) and I’m loathe to order new comics from Comixology or Amazon as I know my local comic shop will need my custom when this blows over! One to ponder 🙂

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