Micro March (27)

Forty. Forking. Seven.

Christ I got old and no amount of cool trainers or fancy shirts are going to change that.

Not that I’ll stop buying either.

Ended up being a fuller day that I hoped for work wise but I didn’t have anything before 9 which felt like a treat and with only four hours of calls it came in at my least VC heavy day of the week.

I’m having a little Zoom party later with my closest crew and I’ve already had a few (large) glasses of wine and the remains of last nights chilli. Will have a few bourbons this evening (and a hangover tomorrow).

Veronica Mars season 4 (the Hulu reboot) is on Amazon (via Starz). I LOVE this show so this will be a big part of my weekend along with watching Knives Out and copious Disney sports movies.

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