Micro March (29)

So I didn’t do my jobs newsletter today. I intended to. Did some of the prep yesterday but when I woke up this morning I just couldn’t see the point and even after a bit of a walk (and a successful little trip to my Tesco Metro) I still couldn’t – so I binned it off.

I don’t intend to stop doing it but I need to find a new hook for it (for me). Anyway.

Had a bunch of work to do today – nothing like what teams are doing all over the public service but four or five hours of bits and pieces pretty much burned through the morning. None of it was stressful – a couple of answers for a proposal, some QAing and a couple of slides for a client deck, checking in on some of our devs who are working this weekend and drafting an article for an online publication in our group. I forced myself to stop by pouring a wine!

Cooked a pretty decent curry-ish thing that should last the next few days.

I ‘watched’ the Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift concert films on Netflix – was a nice relaxing distraction. I might try and find some more.

I want to watch ‘Knives Out’ but I think my current inability to concentrate on things will mean I don’t do it justice….might watch Bloodshot instead – I suspect that does not require much thought!

I find I am going out even less than is expected – it just makes me edgy rather than relaxed at the moment – I’ll have to get over that or I will go stir crazy.

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