Micro March (30)

Had my first major tech failure through all of this today. Skype was ejecting me from a big, important meeting every three minutes and an attempt to reinstall the app led to a complete restart of my Mac and all sorts of pain. I missed the meeting.

Honestly it about sums up the day. I woke up feeling out of sorts and have never really managed to shake it. Also I have a lot of pain (and worrying clicking sounds) from my wrist. I’ve ordered a support so fingers crossed.

Starting at Essex tomorrow which should be good – I need something to get my teeth into and to give me some structure I think. I’m also going to facilitate some workshops for our friends in Oslo later this week (and I need to finalise the design for them) so hopefully I’ll basically just work my way out of this funk.

Oh and I need Office365 for Essex so get that installed and running – every time I come back to Outlook I am more lost than the time before!

I’m re-watching the show Parenthood. The cast and writers were going to be at ATX in Austin but I won’t be going to that now obviously (though amazingly they haven’t cancelled it) so this is the nearest I’ll get to Lauren Graham!

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