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  • How do you build a ‘community of practice’ without a ‘community’ that practices?

    How do you build a ‘community of practice’ without a ‘community’ that practices?

    I’m really asking. community /kəˈmjuːnɪti/ noun a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Not for the first time I find myself in a role where part of my responsibility is to support the development of some folk who are relatively early stage in their product and […]

  • Walls that talk

    Terence wrote this post this week taking aim at the the pervasiveness of Post-Its in todays digital orthodoxy. He referred to the Post-Its on abandoned ‘agile’ walls as wallpaper. Sam responded with a lovely ode to the wonder of wallpaper. I’ve been known to take aim at the ‘blizzard of Post-Its’ (™ Charlie Stross) from […]

  • The challenge of ‘user driven development’

      It has been 18 months now since we officially started the project to build a new ONS website – the most consistent thing throughout our initial discovery, the alpha and now the latter days of the beta has been a commitment to the principle of being ‘user focused’. Over the life of the project […]

  • Don’t do Agile. Be agile. Or something.

      I’ve read a couple of great posts about ‘agile’ in the last week or so – it is like 2008 all over again! First Paul Downey strayed from the topic of lists & registers to contemplate ‘scope creep’ and then Nik Silver wrote about ‘getting partial value from partial delivery‘. Both posts eloquently cover […]

  • Learning the value of agile

    Somewhat amusingly in the week that there seemed to be something of a backlash against ‘agile’ development methodologies I embarked on a programme of study towards the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile starting with a 2 day intro course and then followed up with 10 weeks of work-based coaching and weekly study groups. There are […]