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  • Writings from the Web of Words

    Writings from the Web of Words

    There were a great couple of blogposts this week that fall into my broad ‘working in the open’ / ‘web of words’ category of interest. Matt Webb (the man I tend to credit/blame for #weeknotes) wrote a great post about his 15 rules for blogging. These five rules were my personal favourites and closest to […]

  • 12

    My WordPress blog turned 12 this week (that is this blog). WordPress said it was yesterday but I actually think it was the 17th. I’d been blogging before at Typepad, Blogpost and Jisc Involve (which was my project) but despite cheating on her with Medium the last few years on and off this has been […]

  • Why I blog [at work]

    Carrie, who heads the GOV.UK blog platform, recently wrote a post that provides a bit of an insight into the GDS approach to blogging. It is an interesting read and well worth a look. It shows a level of, I guess, discipline in how they handle things – I am sure it makes their Press […]

  • Big up

    One of the less trumpeted corners of the new GOV.UK digital landscape is fast becoming my favourite piece. The platform is quietly becoming a treasure trove of ideas, advice and understanding. I am currently subscribed to 16(!) blogs from this single platform (btw the combination of Feedly Pro and Press on my phone continues […]

  • How to Write by Ogilvy

    This was doing the rounds a little bit on Twitter a couple of days ago – I think it was a tweet from Sarah Richards from GDS where I first spotted it. Reading it I couldn’t help but think that for 8 or 9 of the recommendations on the list memo = blog. I think […]