Trivial tech vs Civic Tech

I used to love reading blogs like Techcrunch,Mashable and the Next Web. Anything really that was covering the next big web startup. I was fascinated with tales of tech entrepreneurs starting world changing ideas in garages and dorm rooms. I don’t really know when that changed but it did. I started to find the things…… Continue reading Trivial tech vs Civic Tech

Rules of Engagement

I’m working on a pretty big project at the moment – it is still relatively early days but I can already see it has the capacity to become pretty all consuming. This is a draft of some ideas I have for some ‘principles’ for the project – I don’t think there is anything controversial or…… Continue reading Rules of Engagement

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Approval for agile projects becoming more agile?

Unless you work in a particular corner of Government digital/IT then this won’t be very exciting but if, like me, you are toiling away in that specific corner then Friday was a ‘red-letter day’! The new guidance from Treasury (with a major dollop of GDS influence) about the process & procedures for getting approval and…… Continue reading Approval for agile projects becoming more agile?

Geeks in Government

There was an interesting piece in the Financial Times on Friday. Titled “Let’s get geeks into government” it tells the story of Brett Goldstein, formerly the IT Director of OpenTable, who in recent years has become well known in digital government circles for his work with the City of Chicago on various data driven projects-…… Continue reading Geeks in Government

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