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  • Levelling up LEOs

    Levelling up LEOs

    This is less of a blogpost and more of a ‘stub‘ to come back to later of some ideas that are swimming around in my head and as such it lacks a certain…coherence! There has been a lot of talk about the Government ‘levelling up’ agenda in recent months and while I am not exactly […]

  • An Uber for public transport

    It was very interesting this week to read a post over on the Futuregov blog about their work with Essex and Suffolk councils to bring a (and I’m quoting) ‘Silicon Valley state of mind’ to rethinking public transport. It is a great post and uses the success of Uber (and despite the multitude of slightly […]

  • Jukesie’s Law

    Jukesie’s Law

    Arthur C. Clarke famously had three laws. Now Cory Doctorow has come up with his own trinity. So I have decided to put my own stake in the ground. I only have one law at the moment but you have to start somewhere. I am also pretty sure that I have stolen it from somebody […]

  • [ideadump] Web of Words conference

    This is an occasional series of posts where I just brain dump the ideas for side projects I really want to do but never seem to find the time to see through due to inconvenient things like the day job. Of all the weird and wonderful things the web provides the thing I am, and […]