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  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown

    It is only 25 days since I wrote this and said I’d be sticking with Twitter until the bitter end and it burned down around me. Well it is still shambling along like a grounded zombie bird but it really is started to come apart at the seams – and the Muskrat has managed to […]

  • Charity Begins at Home(page)

    Charity Begins at Home(page)

    Every around this time (my last pay packet of the year) I try to even out my rampant consumerism by making a few charitable donations to a rotating cast of worthy recipients. This year I am going to promote my choices on the run up to Christmas in my newsletter as well – see if […]

  • Thanksgiving 2022

    Thanksgiving 2022

    I’m not American and god knows with hindsight it feels like one of those holidays you might want to rethink given the history but I like the parade, love an excuse for more Turkey and mostly just like it as a prompt to call out some things for which I am thankful for. So I […]

  • Silicon Milk Roundabout review

    Silicon Milk Roundabout review

    Yesterday I attended Silicon MilkRoundabout* – the digital/tech job fair that takes place a couple of times a year in Spitalfields. I’ve been a couple of times before but mainly just out of curiosity and once with a very light touch day job interest supporting another one of the TPX group companies. Never as part […]

  • JOIN US!

    JOIN US!

    We have just published two vacancies in our Product team – for a Product Manager and a Senior Product Manager. These are the first vacancies since I started as Head of Profession for Product Management so I thought I’d share a little about the roles, our product community and ways of working. Product Management is […]