May 2021

Traditionally May is my second favourite month*. Two bank holidays is always a blessing and in years gone by I’ve built amazing holidays around those days off. Timehop has been actively reminding me about those holidays – which is a bit of a mixed blessing truth be told. Last year though I caught Covid in…… Continue reading May 2021

September 2020

Today is my final day as interim Head of Product Management at Essex County Council. Sort of. I’m tapering off a little by doing five days across October to sweep a few things up but those are specific tasks and my day to day responsibilities finish today. I’ve really enjoyed my time there – a…… Continue reading September 2020

August 2020

August sign with colour confetti. Vector paper illustration. This has been a month of pretty severe ups and downs and I’ve had to take the last few days of the month off to try and recharge and take stock. On the positive side I finally got out and went for lunch/drinks with two of my…… Continue reading August 2020

April 2020

Well April was 400 days long wasn’t it. I don’t even remember who I was before this month! Apparently I have been on the ‘Coronacoaster’ according to Kim. Up one minute, down the next. I’ve had various bursts of energy that has led to a couple of blogposts, some momentum on Sticker Stories and an…… Continue reading April 2020

February 2020

2020 is shaping up OK so far it has to be said. February was another good month. I’m feeling mentally sharper than I have in an age. I’m working on stuff I’m interested in, with clients I like and we are busy with more work on the horizon (which does wonders for mitigating my anxiety).…… Continue reading February 2020