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  • API Days

    In my last post I at least tried to make the case for; Publish for humans, all of the humans. But don’t forget the machines. This time I’m going to talk a little bit about what we might get from those machines — because I’m not convinced it is always what people are expecting. While it can […]

  • Show your workings: a digital statistical publication

    Russell has written a post that touches on some of his thinking about what a ‘digital white paper’ might look like and in doing so draws attention to Bret Victor’s tour de force of a ‘longread’ about climate change. The real brilliance of the work by Victor is that not only is it wonderfully interactive […]

  • A hobbyist hacker, spreadsheet warrior & an API advocate walked in to a pub…

    ..and they all tell the bar staff they can’t pour a pint. That is basically the life of being a data publisher at the moment. Leigh has written a great post about ‘Who is the intended audience for open data?’ where he articulates some of the problems and clashes of cultures better than I could […]

  • Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

    Open Singularity – Civil Service Innovation Challenge

    This morning I came across this Civil Service Innovation Challenge that offers the opportunity to win a trip to California to undertake the Singularity University ‘Executive Program’. Singularity University is a slightly odd Silicon Valley corporate learning start-up with some big name corporate backers and some high profile founders. I’m not sure it would usually […]

  • Open vs Big vs Personal: data defined?

    As I continue on my own personal ‘road to Damascus’ towards my conversion to the ‘open data’ cause (if not quite the ‘linked data’ aspect yet!) one of the things that always muddies the waters in discussions and meetings is the constant blurring of the lines between different concepts of data. The big three are […]