Au Revoir Ampp3d

Sure it had a stupid name and couldn’t possibly be accused of presenting a neutral point of view with how it presented the data but I am very sorry to see Ampp3d close it’s doors at Trinity Mirror. There is no doubt it was a massive influence on my team at ONS when it came…… Continue reading Au Revoir Ampp3d

Social Media Diet

I always overload myself with challenges in January – it is a scatter gun approach – I work on the basis if I try loads of things something might sneak through and stick for the month. This year was no exception. I tried the following; – No drinking [success] – Stay clean shaven [fail] -…… Continue reading Social Media Diet

Social media solace

I find myself writing about social media a lot at the moment and I just wanted to acknowledge that. It is something I’ve shied away from a bit in recent times as it has become less and less a part of my daily work responsibilities. Also in recent years I’d begun to despair a little…… Continue reading Social media solace