Digital Thirst: Platforms

I have been struggling to articulate this one to be honest. Of my original 4Ps it is the most technical in nature and while I knew exactly what I meant I haven’t really been able to find the words. Thankfully the new Government Digital Strategy has done it for me. Action 11 states; Cabinet Office…… Continue reading Digital Thirst: Platforms

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Digital Thirst: Process

Of the 4Ps I mentioned in my original post this is actually the one that I am finding hardest to define and articulate. Most of my thoughts are about what doesn’t or hasn’t worked rather than a way forward and I am trying to avoid that. Alot of this seems to bleed into the idea…… Continue reading Digital Thirst: Process

Digital Thirst : People

I think it is easy to get into a state of mind where technology becomes the be all and end all of any digital strategy. The new CMS is going to make everything better….or Twitter is….or that iPhone app you are working on. The reality is though that when push comes to shove it all…… Continue reading Digital Thirst : People

Digital Thirst

[the title is a bit of a joke at my own expense – I can’t pronounce ‘th’ sounds so thirst and first sound the same when I speak!] Like ‘digital by default’ the term ‘digital first’ has become pretty popular shorthand for a particular kind of organisation shift in recent years. The first time I…… Continue reading Digital Thirst