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  • Week 43/52

    Week 43/52

    First five day week of 2023 and I managed to work in four different Government buildings in three cities – Cardiff, Bristol, London (Canary Wharf), London (Old Admiralty Building). Amazingly I did this without any public transport mishaps (especially given all the problems with the Severn Tunnel flooding yesterday.) That said, I am in London […]

  • Week 42/52

    Week 42/52

    Happy New Year. Welcome to 2023 which will mark 50 years of this blogger…and hip hop. Coincidence? You decide. Honestly the whole Christmas/New Year break was a bit low energy this year. I worked right up to the 23rd in the end and then did a day and half during the Twixmas period as my […]

  • 2022 in Review

    2022 in Review

    It has been a LOT of year hasn’t it. Omicron, the invasion of Ukraine, Partygate, inflation run wild and a cost of living crisis, three Prime Ministers – including a Liz Truss cameo, two Monarchs. Kanye. Elon.  Just to name a few things – I’m sure I missed some biggies! Despite all that from a […]

  • Week 39/52

    Week 39/52

    This will be my final weeknote of 2022. This is actually my 28th of the series – there was an 11 week hiatus between the end of my short-lived time at UKHSA and while I waited to get the paperwork sorted for my current job. It has been good to get into the habit again […]

  • Week 38/52

    Week 38/52

    I have to be honest this week it has felt a bit like I am crawling into Christmas. I’ve picked up some sort of lurgy from all the trains, tubes and buses through November and early December and while thankfully it isn’t my Covid hat-trick it is also pretty draining. My always lacklustre immune system […]