Designing the mod(ern) squad

squad /skwɒd/nouna small group of people having a particular task. Background I recently wrote about our new Squad Manager role(s) and wanted to just dig in a bit to how we see our squad model growing and evolving. Like many companies and organisations we follow Spotify in referring to our agile delivery teams as ‘squads’.…… Continue reading Designing the mod(ern) squad

What the Forking Here* is a Squad Manager?’ve learned a lot in my first year working for Notbinary — the nuts and bolts of it is pretty well covered in this post from Sean Tubbs about making the switch to consultancy life. A big lesson however is that some of the key positions in the ‘squads’ we provide are a little different from when…… Continue reading What the Forking Here* is a Squad Manager?

Ways of working (in progress)

This is an attempt to write down the approach we are starting to formalise around our ‘squads’ — it is a work in progress but is starting to make sense. It is inspired by working practices I witnessed or experienced at Defra, mySociety, ONS and elsewhere → We work in the open by default — if something needs to…… Continue reading Ways of working (in progress)

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Sloganeering for stickers

Shit I say…and why I think this was Paul Downey’s laptop If I was to do a series of stickers (why stickers?) I think this is what they would say (and why)→ 01. Minimal viable bureaucracy — I’m not one of those JFDI people. I believe that is the fastest way to get something done that will not stick.…… Continue reading Sloganeering for stickers