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  • Digesting the Government Digital Strategy

    Today the Cabinet Office launched the Government-wide digital strategy that marks another step closer to the Martha Lane Fox vision of a ‘digital by default’ government (from where the name of this blog sprung!). There is *alot* to like in this strategy I think – though it does in places closely coincide with my 4Ps […]

  • Open Gov Summit #opengovsum

    This morning I dragged my weary self to the bus stop at 06.15 to get the 07.01 train to London – for some of you I realise this seems like no major achievement – however for me it was something of a miracle! The reason behnd this early start was the Open Government Summit (organised […]

  • GOV.US – the cousins catching up :)

    Last week the Whitehouse released their digital strategy “Digital Government – Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People“. It is an interesting document (and nice to see it being released as a Twitter Bootstrap powered HTML5 site rather than just another PDF!). Both O’Reilly and Code for America have covered the […]

  • The new social media guidance for civil servants

    On Thursday, in a blaze of RTs on Twitter, the Cabinet Office launched their first comprehensive Social media guidance for civil servants [PDF]. This has the potential to be a hugely important document in the wider uptake of social media throughout the public sector – especially at a senior level where managers remain a little […]

  • Thinking about the Inside Government alpha feedback

    There is alot to love in the latest bout of extreme transparency blogging from the GOVUK team. Sharing the results of the feedback and user testing for the Inside Government product gives a real insight into the challenges they are facing and how they intend to front up to them. It also lets those of […]