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  • #weightnote

    Christmas 2017(L) Christmas 2016(R) Back in August I wrote about my need to lose weight as it was causing me some health problems. A week later I was officially diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. While I’d had a week to steel myself to that potential information it was still quite a blow. The fact that […]

  • [S05 E11] “Bend & Break”

    In the land of the blind the blurry eyed man is… A couple of hours ago now I had some drops put in my eyes for my diabetes eye test and basically the world is now an out of focus mystery. I am typing this directly into Medium in the browser with zoom at 200% so […]

  • FatBoy → Slim

    adding #weightnotes to #weeknotes I’ve never been healthy — not since I was a child and contracted nephrotic syndrome which is a kidney problem (actually the illness that ended up killing rugby legend Jonah Lomu). That said I have also never taken care of myself. I never really exercised — even when I played football all the time I […]