Physician, heal thyself

Fixing hiring for the public service internet For the last three years I have spent (almost) every Sunday morning reading scores of job descriptions in search of the 10 I will share to the 700+ people who subscribe to my newsletter & blog. I have been a hiring manager for organisations like the Office for National…… Continue reading Physician, heal thyself

Jobs boards wish list.

Due to my weekly jobs list I spend a silly amount of time trawling various jobs boards to identify the ten I link to each week. None of them are much fun to use really — the big ones are bloated and full of agency roles that may or may not exist, the specialised ones are often…… Continue reading Jobs boards wish list.

Hiring hyperbole

This tweet from Ian was timely this morning as I’ve just started working on a new presentation that I am planning on trying out at Design Swansea later this summer which for now is titled — ‘Product is a team sport’. In theory it will cover my thoughts on building and leading a product team based on…… Continue reading Hiring hyperbole